Graphic Design

Costume Design
The following are concept designs and the final constructions for Host of Sparrows Aerial Circus' debut solo show: The Big Top in the Little Easy. Many of these costumes had to be both visually appealing while also being functional on circus apparatus such as trapeze and aerial silks. Several of the costumes also had to make transitions during a number or throughout the course of the show. The show was a traditional circus with a contemporary twist. All of the animals were portrayed by the performers and were non-animal colors. I tried to stay away from the typical bold primary circus colors for the overall pallet, experimenting with dusty pinks and maroons instead of bright reds, and lime greens and turquoise instead of blue. While I was responsible for the construction of some of the costumes, the rest of the credit goes to the company.

All artwork © Nicole Pisaniello 2019